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Crystals, Chaos and the

Wizardry of Physics

This is a book about Wizardry. It will reveal the secrets of the wizard's art and how you too can learn to follow them.

Felix Flicker brilliantly reveals the secrets behind the modern-day magic we call physics

Marcus du Sautoy

The Magick of Matter is a fascinating, enlightening and altogether delightful book. Once you fall under its spell, you will find it hard to put it down

Fritjof Capra,

author of

The Tao of Physics

A must read for anyone wanting to understand how the spells of physics have transformed our world

Femi Fadugba,

author of

The Upper World

Playful, profound and penetrating: an exhilarating gallop through the mystical world of matter

Charles Foster,

author of

Being a Beast

Imagine you had a crystal which lit upon your command: magic must be at work, and you must surely be a wizard. Yet these days such an action is mundane: LEDs are crystals, and their practical technology lights our streets and our homes.

The modern name for wizardry is condensed matter physics. It is the study of the world around us - the states of matter, and how they emerge from the quantum realm. It is one of science's best-kept secrets: a third of all physicists work on it, yet its story has rarely been told.

Discover the magic of condensed matter physics, from the subtle spells that conjure crystals from chaos, to creating new particles which have never before been seen.

Photograph by John Cairns

About the author

Felix Flicker is a theoretical physicist working on the quantum underpinnings of matter.


He is a Senior Lecturer in Physics at Bristol University.

Available in hardback, paperback, and audiobook

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